Thursday, June 28, 2012

In Case You Missed It...

Hello, readers. Some of you might be finding us for the first time. If you're new to this blog, or you've only read here and there, take a minute to review this recap, and check out what you might have missed:

Ancient Synagogue in Calabria Comes to Light
Read about the ancient synagogue discovered in Southern Italy. Led by Professor Enrico Tromba, an archeological team revealed this buried treasure unknown to the region's modern day community.

Seniors Make Their Own Western Wall
Residents of Kobernick House in Sarasota, Florida constructed their very own "Western Wall" by hand. Far beyond an arts and crafts project, this homemade replica brought something so special a little closer to home. 

Learn about this Sephardi Pesach celebration! With good food, family, and friends, you may just decide to make Mimouna part of your traditions.

Jewish Seniors Reach Out to Jewish Soliders
Senior citizens of western Florida connected with Jewish soldiers in Afghanistan. Read about the fine work of Project M.O.T., and the difference these Seniors made for Jewish soldiers overseas.

"I'm Italian, Could I Be Jewish?"
If you've ever asked this question, then this is the post for you. The Italian Jewish Cultural Center of Calabria offers a wealth of information and resources on this very subject.

Torah Comes to Sicily
Read more about this milestone for Sicilian Anouism. The dedication of this Torah is particularly noteworthy because it marks a rebirth for Jewish practice for this Palermo community.

The Mezuzah on Your Mezuzah
Have you always wondered about the history of that little marker on your door frame? Some of what you read may surprise you and make you take a second, loving look at a ubiquitous tradition.

Keeping up with Kippot
The kippah is more than a round piece of cloth or leather; like so many Jewish traditions, it carries with it great history and significance.

Dalida`: The Extraordinary Singer’s Calabrian Jewish Roots
Recognized around this world for her talent and beauty, this singer brought her Jewish heritage to the stage. For these reasons and more, we in Calabria are proud to claim her as "one of us."

Pluralistic Judaism
A new approach to Judaism for the modern individual and today's family. With openness and acceptance, Pluralistic Judaism embraces all who wish to connect with their Jewish heritage and feel at home within a vibrant Jewish practice.

Tiny Travelling Torah
A small-but-remarkable Torah makes its journey to Jamaica for a June Bat Mitzvah. This sacred text may be miniature, but don't judge it by its size.

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